If you find our databases useful, please reference our publications:

  • Factor IX Mutation Database:
  • Rallapalli, P.M., Kemball-Cook, G., Tuddenham, E.G., Gomez, K., & Perkins, S.J. 2013. An interactive mutation database for human coagulation factor IX provides novel insights into the phenotypes and genetics of haemophilia B. J.Thromb.Haemost. 11(7):1329-1340 available from: PM:23617593

  • VWF Online Database (VWFdb)
  • Hampshire, D.J., Goodeve, A.C. 2011. The international society on thrombosis and haematosis von Willebrand disease database: an update. Semin Thromb Hemost. 37(5):470-479 available from: PM:22102189